17 Jan 2019

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FaaS tutorial 1: Start with Firebase and prepare the ground

As being an organiser of RivieraDEV, I was looking for a platform to host our CFP (call for paper). I've bumped into the open source project conference-hall wandering on twitter (the gossip bird is useful from time to time). The app is nicely crafted and could be used free, even better I've learned afterward, there is an hosted version! That's the one I wanted to use but we were missing one key fe...

17 Jan 2019 1:59pm GMT

Modern web applications on OpenShift: Part 3 — Openshift as a development environment

Welcome back to the final part of this multipart series about deploying modern web applications on Red Hat OpenShift. In the first post, we took a look at how to deploy a modern web application using the fewest commands. In the second part, we took a deeper look into how the new source-to-image (S2I) web app builder works and how to use it as part of a chained build. This third and final part will...

17 Jan 2019 1:00pm GMT

How much faster is Java 11?

Java 11 was released some time ago, although the majority of developers stay on Java 8. Let's see which one of them is faster for OptaPlanner. The best way to find out is of course running OptaPlanner benchmarks. This article is a follow up on our similar article for Java 8. Benchmark methodology To run the benchmark we used: A stable machine without any other computational demanding processes run...

17 Jan 2019 12:00am GMT

16 Jan 2019

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Leveraging OpenShift or Kubernetes for automated performance tests (part 3)

This is the third of a series of three articles based on a session I held at EMEA Red Hat Tech Exchange. In the first article, I presented the rationale and approach for leveraging Red Hat OpenShift or Kubernetes for automated performance testing, and I gave an overview of the setup. In the second article, we looked at building an observability stack. In this third part, we will see how the execut...

16 Jan 2019 1:00pm GMT

15 Jan 2019

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Podman: Managing pods and containers in a local container runtime

People associate running pods with Kubernetes. And when they run containers in their development runtimes, they do not even think about the role pods could play-even in a localized runtime. Most people coming from the Docker world of running single containers do not envision the concept of running pods. There are several good reasons to consider using pods locally, other than using pods to natura...

15 Jan 2019 1:00pm GMT

Infinispan Spring Boot Starter 2.1.2.Final is out!

Dear Infinispan and Spring Boot users, We have just released Infinispan Spring Boot 2.1.2.Final. 2.1.2.Final is using Spring Boot 2.1.2.RELEASE and contains some bug fixes related to JCache and Actuator integration. The starter is now using Infinispan's last stable release: 9.4.5.Final. You can find this release in the maven central repository. Please report any issues in our issue tracker and joi...

15 Jan 2019 9:52am GMT

14 Jan 2019

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The new National French PHR (Dossier Médical Partagé) – How does it work? - Part 1

Since November 2018, each French patient can have access to a new national Patient Health Record (PHR) called in French the Dossier Médical Partagé or DMP (shared medical file). How does it work from an end-user perspective? In this post, I describe my first experience with this new healthcare application - with all security and privacy precautions related to my protected health information (PHI)....

14 Jan 2019 8:01pm GMT

Generate jBPM Business Apps with Node.js Command-line interface (CLI)

In addition to start.jbpm.org there is now an command-line way to generate your jBPM Business Applications, namely with the jba-cli Node package. jba-cli package on npmjs.com Sample CLI usage If you have Node installed locally you can install and run this package with: npm install jba-cli -g jba gen This allows your to build your jBPM Business app zip file without having to go through the browser....

14 Jan 2019 4:17pm GMT

Building a Node.js service using the API-first approach

Nowadays technology companies are adopting the API as one of the most valuable pieces of their business. What does it mean when we talk about API-first development? We already know the benefits of using an API-first approach: Reduced interdependencies Earlier validation Early feedback with the freedom to change Improved efficiency This article describes what it means to use the API-first design ap...

14 Jan 2019 1:00pm GMT

Integration Key to Customer Experience - Example Process Integration

Part 7 - Example process integration In my previous article from this series we looked in to details that determine how your integration becomes the key to transforming your customer experience. It started with laying out the process of how I've approached the use case by researching successful customer portfolio solutions as the basis for a generic architectural blueprint. Having completed our di...

14 Jan 2019 6:00am GMT

11 Jan 2019

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Service task repository integrated into Business Central

Service tasks (aka work items) are of tremendous use in business processes. Users can build their custom logic into well defined tasks that can be reused across processes or even projects. jBPM comes with rather large set of service tasks out of the box, you can explore them in jbpm-work-items repository in GitHub. jBPM also provides standalone service repo that could be used from jBPM designer to...

11 Jan 2019 3:58pm GMT

Knative: Deep Dive, from Installation to Deployment

Join the Red Hat DevNation for an upcoming live tech talk on January 17th, 2019 at 12:00pm EST for - Knative deep dive presented by Kamesh Sampath. Reusable components that focus on solving many mundane but difficult tasks like orchestrating source-to-container workflows, routing and managing traffic during deployment, autoscaling your workloads, or binding running services to eventing ecosystems ...

11 Jan 2019 3:00pm GMT

Apache Camel explained to Luke Skywalker

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ... there was a a young boy, whom went to his first audition ... What a story. So Mark Hamill is addressed as Mr Camel. What an honour to have him in our Camel family and to be known as the first Mr Camel. The 2nd Mr Camel is our spirit animal for the Apache Camel project. Okay back to Luke Skywalker, so his tweet lead to people talking about Camel's and ...

11 Jan 2019 12:55pm GMT

10 Jan 2019

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This week in JBoss (10th January 2019): 2019 already on fire!!!

This new year has barely begun but the JBoss community is already running full steam ahead! But don't worry, this editorial will catch you up in no time. Wildfly has a new project lead! Let's start by some rather important community news: WildFly Project Lead is now Brian Stansberry ! Willdfly is a crucial project for the JBoss community but we are very lucky to see Brian Stansberry taking the l...

10 Jan 2019 4:48pm GMT

Open Source Contributor Experience

KubeCon 2018: Intro: Contributor Experience SIG - Paris Pittman, Google & Elsie Phillips, Red Hat We will be covering what contributor experience is, how we help the project, the projects we are current working on (if the talk were today: mentoring, automated workflows, new contributor onboarding, communication pipelines, etc.), and how folks can get involved The post Open Source Contributor Exper...

10 Jan 2019 2:38pm GMT

Fall 2018 ISO WG21 C++ Standards Committee meeting trip report

The fall C++ meeting was held in San Diego, CA. As usual, Red Hat sent three of us to the meeting: myself from the Concurrency and Parallelism Study Group (SG1), Jason Merrill from the Core Language Working Group, and Jonathan Wakely from the Library Working Group (LEWG). SG1 had a fairly full plate but finished the week with a bit of breathing room to spare. This article describes the major topic...

10 Jan 2019 1:00pm GMT