29 Jun 2017

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Version 1.3.1.Final of apiman is released!

I'm delighted to announce that Apiman 1.3.1.Final is out, with several notable new features and improvements [1]. 3scale-related functionality You can now use the Apiman Gateway with the 3scale Manager/UI as an alternative to the Apiman Manager/UI! [2] Using an overlay file you can augment your 3scale APIs with apiman policies. There will hopefully be an opportunity for a more cohesive and deeper ...

29 Jun 2017 9:00pm GMT

28 Jun 2017

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OVS-DPDK Parameters: Dealing with multi-NUMA

In Network Function Virtualization, there is a need to scale functions (VNFs) and infrastructure (NFVi) across multiple NUMA nodes in order to maximize resource usage. In this blog, we'll show how to configure Open vSwitch using DPDK datapath (OVS-DPDK) parameters for multiple NUMA systems, based on OVS 2.6/2.7 using DPDK 16.11 LTS. OVS-DPDK parameters are set through OVSDB and defaults are provid...

28 Jun 2017 11:00am GMT

27 Jun 2017

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Red Hat at the ISO C++ Standards Meeting (April 2017, Kona): Core Language

The March/April C++ meeting was back in Kona, Hawaii again, only a year and a half after the last Kona meeting. As usual, Red Hat sent three of us to the meeting: Jonathan Wakely, Torvald Riegel, and me. The headline from the meeting was voting to submit C++17 for approval by the national bodies. There wasn't really any significant resistance. There was one new feature added in the final draft, na...

27 Jun 2017 4:00pm GMT

Open vSwitch: QinQ Performance

In a previous post, we introduced QinQ support for Open vSwitch QinQ. This post will investigate how QinQ performs relative to alternatives (VXLAN, GENEVE) in both throughput and CPU utilization. This will give us some understanding why we might consider QinQ over VXLAN or GENEVE. We're going to look at the following tunnel types and configurations: VXLAN-SW VXLAN in software only. No hardware off...

27 Jun 2017 11:00am GMT

26 Jun 2017

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Nodeshift - Deploying Node Applications to Openshift

Recently I've been playing around with Openshift, specifically Minishift since I am running things locally. I wanted to see what the story for Node.js applications was. I'm not going to go into how to setup minishift, but here is a link: https://docs.openshift.org/latest/minishift/getting-started/installing.html I'm running macOS Sierra, so used homebrew to do the install and I chose to use Virtua...

26 Jun 2017 5:11pm GMT

The Evolution of Technology in the Context of Software Development & Design Process: Take-away from PatternFly Conference

Last Sunday, I returned home, India, after attending a series of collaborative sessions in Raleigh, NC, with many designers and developers across Red Hat and the open-source community, at the UX Summit and the PatternFly Conference. The whole experience was inspiring, informative and at the same time thought provoking with many takeaways, out of which the most interesting for me was that cumulativ...

26 Jun 2017 4:00pm GMT

RuleML+RR with DecisionCamp - July 12-14 201, London

RuleML, Web Rules and Reasoning and DecisionCamp are all colocated this year in London. RuleML+RR home, schedule, registration DecisionCamp home, schedule, registration Explore that latest AI happenings at RuleML+RR and keep up to date with the latest Decision Model and Notation (DMN) at Decision Camp. When: July 12-14 2017 Where: Birkbeck, University of London, London, UK Malet St, London WC1E 7...

26 Jun 2017 3:23pm GMT

KIE Server updates to run with Narayana

I wanted to share some news that Narayana has now been integrated into the respected KIE BPM server. You can read an article describing this integration over here. It utilises the work we have been doing on Tomcat integration, quickstarts for which can be found in our repo: https://github.com/jbosstm/quickstart/tree/master/transactionaldriver-and-tomcat https://github.com/jbosstm/quickstart/tree/m...

26 Jun 2017 2:56pm GMT

KIE Server welcomes Narayana

KIE Server (with BPM capabilities) requires data base for persistence. That is well known fact, though to have properly managed persistence there is also need for transaction manager that will ensure consistency of the data jBPM persists. Since version 7 KIE Server is the only provided out of the box execution server (there is no execution server in workbench) so it got some additional attention t...

26 Jun 2017 11:10am GMT

Innovating on Developers Events, Building the API Escape Room

It's been almost a month after the first world edition of API Escape room at the Red Hat Summit in Boston. We thought you might be interested to hear details on how we prepared this event. With the 3scale team, we often participated in classical hackathons where developers gather for 48 hours to come up with a working prototype. These were awesomely fun (!), but the outcomes of those events are qu...

26 Jun 2017 11:00am GMT

Non-blocking JGroups

I'm happy to announce that I just released JGroups 4.0.4.Final! It's prominent feature is non-blocking flow control [1,2]. Flow control makes sure that a fast sender cannot overwhelm a slow receiver in the long run (short spikes are tolerated) by adjusting the send rate to the receive rate. This is done by giving each sender credits (number of bytes) that it is allowed to send until it has to bloc...

26 Jun 2017 9:02am GMT

Digital transformation with hybrid cloud solutions

Getting ready to dive in to your digital journey? Are terms like digital transformation, digital business, modernizing infrastructure, scalable infrastructure, optimizing IT, and modern development starting to resonate with you? These and many more topics related to hybrid cloud solutions are on stage (virtually) this week, keynote speakers, sessions and more. Everything is brought to you live ses...

26 Jun 2017 5:00am GMT

Using OpenTracing to collect Application Metrics in Kubernetes

This article will show how OpenTracing instrumentation can be used to collect Application Metrics, in addition to (but independent from) reported tracing data, from services deployed within Kubernetes. These Application Metrics can then be displayed in your monitoring dashboard and used to trigger alerts. The example application In a recent article we showed how a Spring Boot application could eas...

26 Jun 2017 12:00am GMT

Proposed Final Draft of Bean Validation 2.0 released

I'm very happy to announce that Bean Validation 2.0 has published its Proposed Final Draft (CR 1)! You can find the PFD right here on beanvalidation.org as well as on JSR 380's pages on jcp.org. We've also prepared a colored diff with all the changes since Bean Validation 1.1. The updated API is available on Maven Central, using the GAV coordinates are javax.validation:validation-api:2.0.0.CR1. Al...

26 Jun 2017 12:00am GMT

25 Jun 2017

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Dirty secrets on dependency injection and Angular - part 2

In the previous post "Dirty secrets on dependency injection and Angular - part 1", you've explored how DI at component level, can produce different instances of a service. Then you've experienced DI at module level. Once a service is declared using one token in the AppModule, the same instance is shared across all the modules and components of the app. In this article, let's revisit DI in the cont...

25 Jun 2017 4:43pm GMT

23 Jun 2017

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Reactive Programming with Vert.x

This is the second session, which I gave at Red Hat Summit; this was an exploration of what is behind the reactive trend. Software is fiction, every season we have a new collection, we all have to follow this and right now, it's reactive. I spoke about what reactive programming is and how it can be used to build responsive systems. We covered what is reactive programming, and why it's interesting...

23 Jun 2017 4:00pm GMT