18 May 2018

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Red Hat Summit: An Eventful Tour from Enterprise Integration to Serverless

Red Hat Senior Architects Marius Bogoevici and Christian Posta recently presented an overview of event-driven architecture, taking the audience from the basics of enterprise integration to microservices and serverless computing. Standing in front of a packed room at Red Hat Summit, their talk addressed four basic points: Event-driven architectures have been around for a while. What are they, why a...

18 May 2018 11:00am GMT

17 May 2018

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This week in JBoss (17 May 2018)

Sorry, we missed last week. We're pulling double duty this week to get you all caught up on the latest with JBoss! Red Hat Summit 2018 First, we would like to thank everyone who attended Red Hat Summit 2018 in San Francisco! This was a tremendous week full of amazing talks, keynotes, and fun! Middleware played a big role in many of the keynotes, which if you happened to miss are available on our...

17 May 2018 5:38pm GMT

Scaling AMQ 7 Brokers with AMQ Interconnect

Red Hat JBoss AMQ Interconnect provides flexible routing of messages between AMQP-enabled endpoints, including clients, brokers, and standalone services. With a single connection to a network of AMQ Interconnect routers, a client can exchange messages with any other endpoint connected to the network. AMQ Interconnect can create various topologies to manage a high volume of traffic or define an ela...

17 May 2018 4:45pm GMT

Shift Developer Conference 2018 - How to Jump Start a Career in Open Source

A conference in a resort town of Split, Croatia was something I had to see, as you know I have a lot of content to share so I dove in deep on open, application development, cloud and containers with the call for papers. The acceptances came in and I've been asked to provide a session on the softer skills area of developer and development career advice. My career in open source has been a long one ...

17 May 2018 5:00am GMT

Hibernate Search 5.10.0.Final is out!

We just published 5.10.0.Final, the first stable release in the 5.10 branch. This release brings an upgrade of the ORM integration to ORM 5.3 and JPA 2.2, an integration to DI frameworks through Hibernate ORM 5.3, an upgrade to WildFly 12 and JGroups 4, and JPMS automatic module names. What's new? If you didn't pay attention after the 5.9.0.Final release, then there is a lot of news for you! Below...

17 May 2018 12:00am GMT

16 May 2018

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Next DevNation Live: Serverless and Servicefull Applications: Where Microservices Complements Serverless, May 17th, 12pm EDT

Join us for the next online DevNation Live on May 17th at 12pm EDT for Serverless and Servicefull Applications: Where Microservices Complements Serverless hosted by Burr Sutter. Serverless is a misnomer. Your future cloud-native applications will consist of both microservices and functions, wrapped in Linux containers, but in many cases where you, the developer, will be able to ignore the operati...

16 May 2018 4:00pm GMT

Red Hat Summit: Functions as a Service with OpenWhisk and OpenShift

Serverless computing (often called Functions-as-a-Service, or FaaS) is one of the hottest emerging technologies today. The OpenWhisk project, currently in incubation at Apache, is an open-source implementation of FaaS that lets you create functions that are invoked in response to events. Our own Brendan McAdams gave a presentation and demo that explained the basics of serverless, how the OpenWhisk...

16 May 2018 12:33pm GMT

15 May 2018

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How to Debug Your Node.js Application on OpenShift with Chrome DevTools

Recently, I wrote a post called Zero to Express on OpenShift in Three Commands, which shows how to get started using Node.js, Express, and OpenShift together as fast as possible using the Node.js s2i (source-to-image) images that were recently released as part of Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes (RHOAR). This post will add to the last one and show how we can start to debug and inspect our ru...

15 May 2018 5:00pm GMT

Watch over 100 Red Hat Summit 2018 session videos online

Over 100 breakout sessions from Red Hat Summit 2018 are now available to watch on YouTube. Even if you were at Summit, there were too many sessions to attend all of the ones you might have wanted to see. All of the recorded sessions are in one big searchable YouTube playlist. In the next few weeks, a number of the developer sessions will be highlighted on this blog by topic. To get a development-o...

15 May 2018 11:00am GMT

Hibernate Validator 6.0.10.Final released

We just released Hibernate Validator 6.0.10.Final which comes with bugfixes and a brand new Dutch translation. This is a recommended upgrade for everyone using Hibernate Validator and it is a drop-in replacement of 6.0.9.Final (see our migration guide). What's new Bug fixes This release is mainly about fixing a few bugs and regressions and adding compatibility with the Bean Validation TCK 2.0.3.Fi...

15 May 2018 12:00am GMT

14 May 2018

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The Effect of Ubiquitous Computing on Interaction

I have been involved in messaging solutions for a few years already. I have learned with some of the best in the industry and I have had the privilege to work at Red Hat, with full support in Open Source at the messaging land. But today, my daughter Julia Suconic, taught me something on my own field. A 15 years old student on 10th grade at Marjory Stoneman Douglas wrote an AP (Advanced Placement) ...

14 May 2018 6:56pm GMT

Making the Operation of Code More Transparent and Obvious

You can study source code and manually instrument functions as described in the "Use the dynamic tracing tools, Luke" blog article, but why not make it easier to find key points in the software by adding user-space markers to the application code? User-space markers have been available in Linux for quite some time (since 2009). The inactive user-space markers do not significantly slow down the cod...

14 May 2018 11:00am GMT

Red Hat Summit 2018 - 3 Pitfalls Everyone Should Avoid with Hybrid Mulitcloud (recording)

In my previous article I highlighted the talk and lab I'm presenting at this years Red Hat Summit in San Francisco, CA next week. As promised in the session talk we have, both Roel Hodzelmans and myself have the slides used here online and available for your viewing pleasure. The only thing missing was the video recording... which we have now online: Thanks for attending and if you missed it, feel...

14 May 2018 5:00am GMT

Hibernate ORM 5.3.0.Final release

Hibernate ORM version 5.3.0.Final has just been released. JPA 2.2 Suppport Hibernate ORM 5.3 implements support for JPA 2.2. CDI-hosted AttributeConverters Starting with JPA 2.1 applications may use CDI-hosted beans as entity event listeners. JPA 2.2 extends that support to allow AttributeConverters to be CDI-hosted beans as well. To facilitate this, we have developed a generic interface that allo...

14 May 2018 12:00am GMT

11 May 2018

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Infinispan 9.3.0.Beta1

Infinispan users, We have just released 9.3.0.Beta1 which includes 38 fixes. Highlights of this release include: Conflict Resolution Improvements MergePolicy.NONE is now the default merge-policy Conflict Resolution during a merge is now non-blocking and tolerant of node failures Reactive Streams based Cache Loader SPI available Infinispan can now be built and tested with Java 10/11 Max Idle expira...

11 May 2018 4:07pm GMT

VMWare vijava - The curious case of "incorrect user name or password" exception

In one of the projects I have been involved in, we use yavijava (which is a fork of vijava) library to interact with vCenter which hosts our VMs. vCenter exposes various APIs through their webservice endpoints which are invoked through HTTP(s). The yavijava library has necessary hooks which allows developers to use a HTTP client library of their choice on the client side to handle invocations to t...

11 May 2018 3:18pm GMT