20 Nov 2019

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Kogito deep dive video from Devoxx

This year at Devoxx Belgium, Maciej, Edoardo and Mario held a 3h deep dive on Kogito. Since Devoxx is so awesome to share the recordings of all their presentation online, wanted to give everyone the opportunity to go and watch this! I also had the opportunity to help out at the Red Hat booth for 2 days, and it was a great opportunity to sync up with a lot of people and do some Kogito evangelizati...

20 Nov 2019 12:20pm GMT

Fixing the oc and Red Hat OpenShift install “not downloaded” error on macOS

I recently decided to use my macOS machine to create a Red Hat OpenShift cluster. After downloading the openshift-install command-line tool and running it, however, I received the following error: (Yes, I know the above error is related to the oc command, but it also threw the error and, after I fixed the openshift-install command, I was unable to "unfix" it.) Inside talk This error is thrown by t...

20 Nov 2019 8:00am GMT

19 Nov 2019

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Red Hat Software Collections 3.4 and Red Hat Developer Toolset 9 Beta now available

The latest versions of Red Hat Software Collections and Red Hat Developer Toolset are available now in beta. Red Hat Software Collections 3.4 delivers the latest stable versions of many popular open source runtime languages and databases natively to the world's leading enterprise Linux platform. These components are supported for up to five years, helping to enable a more consistent, efficient, an...

19 Nov 2019 8:02am GMT

Decoupling microservices with Apache Camel and Debezium

The rise of microservices-oriented architecture brought us new development paradigms and mantras about independent development and decoupling. In such a scenario, we have to deal with a situation where we aim for independence, but we still need to react to state changes in different enterprise domains. I'll use a simple and typical example in order to show what we're talking about. Imagine the dev...

19 Nov 2019 8:00am GMT

18 Nov 2019

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Byteman 4.0.9 has been released

Byteman 4.0.9 is now available from the Byteman downloads page and from the Maven Central repository. It is the latest update release for use on all JDK9+ runtimes. It is also recommended as the preferred release for use on JDK8- runtimes. Byteman 4.0.9 is a maintenance release which includes a small number of bug fixes. More details are provided in the Release Notes.

18 Nov 2019 5:12pm GMT

Infinispan 10.1.0.Beta1

Dear Infinispan community, Quick on the heels of Infinispan 10.0 here comes the first Beta or 10.1. Server This release closes the gap between the legacy server and the new server we introduced in 10.0. In particular: The reworked console (which will be described in detail in an upcoming series of blog posts) Kerberos authentication for both Hot Rod (GSSAPI, GS2) and HTTP/Rest (SPNEGO) Query and i...

18 Nov 2019 12:00pm GMT

How Quarkus brings imperative and reactive programming together

The supersonic subatomic Java singularity has expanded! 42 releases, 8 months of community participation, and 177 amazing contributors led up to the release of Quarkus 1.0. This release is a significant milestone with a lot of cool features behind it. You can read more in the release announcement. Building on that awesome news, we want to delve into how Quarkus unifies both imperative and reactiv...

18 Nov 2019 8:00am GMT

New tools for automating end-to-end tests for VS Code extensions

It is a common practice to test software from the user's perspective before releasing it. With this assumption, I have set out on a quest to find a VS Code extension with automated end-to-end tests. My quest ended in failure. Naturally, a lazy person like me then asked: "Why would nobody try to automate this?" It turns out that automating this was, in fact, quite difficult. My quest then became fi...

18 Nov 2019 8:00am GMT

Blueprint for omnichannel integration architecture (webinar)

Are you interested in the insights to how organizations are implementing the foundational integration building blocks that lead to successful communication with their customers? This story is about how an omnichannel customer experience makes customer engagement across all channels as efficient as engagement with a single channel. Let's take a detailed look at an architecture blueprint based on re...

18 Nov 2019 6:00am GMT

15 Nov 2019

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Report from July 2019 ISO C++ Standards Committee Meeting (Concurrency and Parallelism Study Group)

The summer 2019 WG21 C++ Committee meeting was held in Cologne, Germany during the week of July 13. As usual, Red Hat sent three representatives, Jason Merrill in the Core Working Group (CWG), Jonathan Wakely in the Library Working Group (LWG), and myself in the Concurrency and Parallelism Study Group (SG1). This rather late report covers the Cologne SG1 session and looks ahead to some revised pap...

15 Nov 2019 8:00am GMT

Keycloak 8.0.0 released

To download the release go to Keycloak downloads. For details on what is included in the release check out the Release notes. The full list of resolved issues are available in JIRA Before you upgrade remember to backup your database and check the upgrade guide for anything that may have changed.

15 Nov 2019 12:00am GMT

14 Nov 2019

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Open Liberty Java runtime now available to Red Hat Runtimes subscribers

Open Liberty is a lightweight, production-ready Java runtime for containerizing and deploying microservices to the cloud, and is now available as part of a Red Hat Runtimes subscription. If you are a Red Hat Runtimes subscriber, you can write your Eclipse MicroProfile and Jakarta EE apps on Open Liberty and then run them in containers on Red Hat OpenShift, with commercial support from Red Hat and ...

14 Nov 2019 8:01am GMT

Tracing Kubernetes applications with Jaeger and Eclipse Che

Developing distributed applications is complicated. You can wait to monitor for performance issues once you launch the application on your test or staging servers, or in production if you're feeling lucky, but why not track performance as you develop? This allows you to identify improvement opportunities before rolling out changes to a test or production environment. This article demonstrates how ...

14 Nov 2019 8:00am GMT

13 Nov 2019

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Pod Lifecycle Event Generator: Understanding the “PLEG is not healthy” issue in Kubernetes

In this article, I'll explore the "PLEG is not healthy" issue in Kubernetes, which sometimes leads to a "NodeNotReady" status. When understanding how the Pod Lifecycle Event Generator (PLEG) works, it is helpful to also understand troubleshooting around this issue. What is PLEG? The PLEG module in kubelet (Kubernetes) adjusts the container runtime state with each matched pod-level event and keeps ...

13 Nov 2019 8:00am GMT

12 Nov 2019

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Plumbing Kubernetes CI/CD with Tekton

Our first DevNation Live regional event was held in Bengaluru, India in July. This free technology event focused on open source innovations, with sessions presented by elite Red Hat technologists. In this session, Kamesh Sampath introduces Tekton, which is the Kubernetes-native way of defining and running CI/CD. Sampath explores the characteristics of Tekton-cloud-native, decoupled, and declarativ...

12 Nov 2019 8:00am GMT

Using the Red Hat OpenShift tuned Operator for Elasticsearch

I recently assisted a client to deploy Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) on Red Hat OpenShift 4.x. They had run into an issue where Elasticsearch would throw an error similar to: Max virtual memory areas vm.max_map_count [65530] likely too low, increase to at least [262144] According to the official documentation, Elasticsearch uses a mmapfs directory by default to store its indices. The default o...

12 Nov 2019 8:00am GMT