12 Nov 2011

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Open Calais' Semantic Web Failure | daddymodern

For those with an eye toward next-generation web technology - in this case Semantic Web technology - the post Is OpenCalais Dead? by OpenCalais leader Tom Tague might interest you… even if only as a cautionary tale. OpenCalais is a ...

12 Nov 2011 7:53pm GMT

11 Nov 2011

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Ebiquity Semantic Web Meetup, 6-8pm Tue 11/14

If you want to attend, please join the Central MD Semantic Web Meetup group and RSVP. The meeting will start with a pizza social from 6:00pm to 6:45pm and then continue with a series of short presentations of current Semantic Web ...

11 Nov 2011 7:26pm GMT

BREAKING: Schema.org ... - The Voice of Semantic Web Business

BREAKING: Schema.org announces intent to support RDFa Lite!

11 Nov 2011 3:18pm GMT

Semantic Web Jobs: QUALCOMM - semanticweb.com

QUALCOMM is looking for an Artificial Intelligence & Reasoning Engineer in San Diego, CA.

11 Nov 2011 3:00pm GMT

New Webcast: Enterprise ... - The Voice of Semantic Web Business

New Webcast: Enterprise Policy Management with Semantic Technologies.

11 Nov 2011 11:00am GMT

Huoua Uses Semantic Search to 'Spark' Instant Circles ...

China-based semantic startup Huohua "is trying to solve a problem of 'where and with whom to have fun' by introducing a smart feature dubbed Instant Circle.

11 Nov 2011 10:15am GMT

10 Nov 2011

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Semantic Web Jobs: ReallaeR LLC - semanticweb.com

ReallaeR LLC is looking for a Semantic Search Algorithm Developer in Washington, DC.

10 Nov 2011 4:30pm GMT

09 Nov 2011

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How HTML5 Improves the Semantic Web | LearnComputer

HTML5 designers considered the limitations of HTML tags when it comes to semantic web. HTML5 contains new structural elements that describe sections of content.

09 Nov 2011 1:13am GMT

08 Nov 2011

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Semantic Web Jobs: IBM - semanticweb.com

IBM is looking for a Research Staff Member - Semantic Analysis and Integration in Hawthorne, NY.

08 Nov 2011 4:30pm GMT

07 Nov 2011

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Semantic Web Jobs: QinetiQ - semanticweb.com

QinetiQ North America's Services and Solutions Group is looking for a Senior Web Services Engineer/Architect in Alexandria, VA.

07 Nov 2011 4:30pm GMT

27 Oct 2011

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W3C Library Linked Data XG Final Report Published

W3C's Library Linked Data Incubator group has published its final report. In its final report, the group characterized the current state of library data management, outlined the potential benefits of publishing library data as Linked Data, and formulated next-step recommendations …

27 Oct 2011 12:58pm GMT

23 Oct 2011

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5 Simple Provenance Statements

Providing easily processable information about the provenance or origins of Web pages and data is important. It lets us give credit where its due and it helps others trust the information we publish on the Web. Here's some simple provenance …

23 Oct 2011 8:30am GMT

20 Oct 2011

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Publication of the “Ontology of Rhetorical Blocks” Interest Group Note

The W3C Semantic Web in Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group (HCLS) has published the Ontology of Rhetorical Blocks (ORB) Interest Group Note. In the last the decade, the consistently growing number of scientific publishing spheres (journals, conferences, workshops, …

20 Oct 2011 2:01pm GMT

18 Oct 2011

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First Draft of a Provenance Data Model Published

The W3C Provenance Working Group has published the First Public Working Draft of The PROV Data Model and Abstract Syntax Notation. PROV-DM is a core data model for provenance for building representations of the entities, people and processes involved in …

18 Oct 2011 3:57pm GMT

Second RDF WG Face-to-Face meeting

The 2nd RDF F2F meeting took place on the 12-13 of October, using two locations: about half of the participants were in Cambridge, USA, hosted by MIT, while the other half were in London, UK, hosted by the BBC. Using …

18 Oct 2011 9:04am GMT

10 Oct 2011

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New SW Use Case by Tribal DDB and Volkswagen UK

Tribal DDB has provided a W3C Semantic Web Case Study on behalf of Volkswagen UK on a system providing advanced contextual search. The system is based on the integration of HTML pages annotated with RDFa with internal product data, and …

10 Oct 2011 12:39pm GMT

03 Oct 2011

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Unveiling the W3C HCLSIG Charter

In early September, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) approved a new charter for its Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group (HCLSIG), in which Michel Dumontier (Carleton University), Charlie Mead (NIH) and Vijay Bulusu (Pfizer) were selected as co-chairs. …

03 Oct 2011 4:05pm GMT

29 Sep 2011

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W3C Organizes Workshop on Linked Enterprise Data Patterns

Linked Data technology offers huge potential for enterprise applications such as the integration and the management of data within and across enterprises. The distributed nature of Linked Data enables loose-coupling for data sharing within and between organizations. With Linked Data, …

29 Sep 2011 9:17am GMT

27 Sep 2011

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Reshaping how governments publish information

Governments worldwide expend significant resources to gather, curate and in many cases publish open government content. However, with the ever growing amount of digital content, if that information is not easily accessible nor readily re-usable, it might as well not …

27 Sep 2011 5:08pm GMT

26 Sep 2011

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Russian and Ukrainian Translations of the OWL 2 Overview Document

Dmitry Zajtcev (Дмитрий Зайцев) has published a Russian and an Ukrainian translation of the OWL 2 Overview document, under the respective titles of "OWL 2, Язык Веб-онтологий. Общий обзор документа" and "OWL 2, Мова Веб-онтологій. Загальний огляд документу".

26 Sep 2011 10:57am GMT

23 Sep 2010

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Linked Data: the return of the Cloud

The Linked Data Cloud diagram is back; bigger, better, and powered by the CKAN registry tool.

23 Sep 2010 1:05pm GMT

30 Apr 2010

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Siri acquired by Apple; iPhone becomes the Virtual Personal Assistant?

Apple buys Siri, and brings real semantic smarts to Cupertino.

30 Apr 2010 8:12pm GMT

18 Mar 2010

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David Siegel discusses the Power of Pull; a different view of the Semantic Web?

This podcast conversation with David Siegel discusses his latest book, Pull, and explores the many ways in which Siegel believes a semantic web can power business today and into the future.

18 Mar 2010 11:57am GMT

22 Feb 2010

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Putting the Semantic Web to work in e-Commerce with GoodRelations

Martin Hepp and Jamie Taylor answer questions about the GoodRelations vocabulary in a podcast conversation, exploring opportunities to enrich the way in which we compare goods and services.

22 Feb 2010 10:52am GMT

05 Feb 2010

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Siri offers virtual assistance, with a little help from your iPhone

Semantic Technology startup, Siri, releases a Virtual Personal Assistant for the iPhone and simplifies a wide range of tasks for US consumers on the move. Just by speaking to their phone, users can make dinner reservations, check the weather, find movies, flights and more.

05 Feb 2010 6:29am GMT

01 Sep 2009

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Oracle delivers native support for Thomson Reuters' OpenCalais service

Thomson Reuters and Oracle today announced support for the media giant's OpenCalais metadata generation service within release 2 of Oracle Spatial 11g. The integration gives Oracle users and developers direct access to OpenCalais' natural language processing (NLP) capabilities.

01 Sep 2009 12:15pm GMT

10 Aug 2009

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Moving Data.gov towards the Semantic Web

Government transparency in all its forms would appear to be very much in vogue at present, spanning everything from the Obama administration's Data.gov portal and Prime Ministerial pronouncements in the UK Parliament to municipal proclamations of openness in Vancouver and compelling grass-roots demonstrations by activists and even newspapers.

10 Aug 2009 10:46am GMT

14 Jul 2009

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New open source Semantic Web store from Garlik capable of enterprise scale

An oft-repeated concern in discussing large-scale deployment of Semantic Web ideas is that of 'scale.' With many of the better known data stores upon which the Semantic Web depends capable of storing only tens or at best a few hundreds of millions of RDF triples, it can be difficult to argue that the technology is fit for real-world deployment at scale.

14 Jul 2009 12:20pm GMT

A Special Offer From Our Sponsor

14 Jul 2009 12:20pm GMT

09 Jul 2009

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Semantic Web Gang podcast looks back at the Semantic Technology Conference

June's episode of the regular Semantic Web Gang podcast was recorded on stage at the Semantic Technology Conference in San Jose.Audio and video of the session is now available, with Gang members and conference organiser Tony Shaw engaging in a discussion of the event's highlights and the underlying trends at work.

09 Jul 2009 11:48am GMT

18 Jun 2009

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New York Times embraces Linked Data

The keynote on this final day of the Semantic Technology Conference saw Robert Larson and Evan Sandhaus of the New York Times talk about the paper's innovative adoption of semantic technologies; "The first semantic search system for The New Times was released in 1913 and was available bound in either paper ($6) or cloth ($8).

18 Jun 2009 7:36pm GMT

17 Jun 2009

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Nova Spivack interviews Wolfram Alpha's Russell Foltz-Smith

Radar Networks attracted a fair degree of attention with their roll-out of Twine, and the company's CEO has built a reputation as one of the more thoughtful thinkers in the space. Nova took to the stage at the Semantic Technology Conference today, not to talk about his own company or ideas, but to lead a conversation with Russell Foltz-Smith from Wolfram Research.

17 Jun 2009 8:26pm GMT

Semantic Search Round Table at the Semantic Technology Conference

Wednesday's opening Keynote here in San Jose sees Guidewire's Carla Thompson joined on stage by senior representatives from many of the more interesting players in the Semantic Search space; Tomasz Imielinski from Ask, Peter Norvig from Google, Riza Berkan of Hakia, Scott Provost from Microsoft, William Tunstall-Pedoe of the UK's True Knowledge, and Andrew Tomkins of Yahoo.

17 Jun 2009 4:40pm GMT

16 Jun 2009

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Semantic Technology Conference kicks off with Keynotes from Open Calais and Siri

This year's Semantic Technology Conference got fully underway this morning, with Keynote presentations from Tom Tague of Thomson Reuters' Open Calais Initiative and Tom Gruber from Siri.Despite the wider economic situation, attendance for this fifth year of the event feels a little up on last year, and there's clearly real enthusiasm in the buzzing Halls.

16 Jun 2009 4:54pm GMT

29 May 2009

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Bing is not alone; similar techniques alive and well in existing vertical search

Microsoft's Bing is attracting plenty of interest today, and perhaps deservedly so as it brings some interesting fresh ideas to the world of generic search engines. Whether it is sufficiently compelling to break our deeply ingrained association of 'search' with 'Google' remains to be seen.

29 May 2009 11:10am GMT

22 May 2009

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Semantic Web Gang podcast discusses Wolfram Alpha and Google's Rich Snippets

This month has seen Google announce 'Rich Snippets' and Wolfram Research release Alpha to a flurry of mainstream media coverage; both are of interest to those working on the Semantic Web.This month's episode of the Semantic Web Gang takes a look at both stories, and Gang members share their impressions on the news and what it might mean moving forward.

22 May 2009 1:14pm GMT