20 Sep 2020

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UK sets £10,000 fines for self-isolation breaches

The warning comes as people in England who refuse an order to self-isolate could be fined up to £10,000.

20 Sep 2020 7:15pm GMT

Covid-19: Hundreds protest against localised Madrid lockdowns

Residents in poorer areas call the measures discrimination as Spain tries to curb a rise in Covid-19.

20 Sep 2020 5:30pm GMT

FinCEN Files: Sanctioned Putin associate ‘laundered millions’ through Barclays

The account was used to avoid US financial restrictions, a leak of bank documents suggest.

20 Sep 2020 5:01pm GMT

Spain triathlete gives up medal to rival who went wrong way

Diego Méntrida realised the athlete ahead had made a mistake and slowed as he approached the finish.

20 Sep 2020 1:38pm GMT

Cyclone Ianos: Three dead as 'medicane' sweeps across Greece

The rare "medicane" storm flooded buildings, toppled trees and triggered landslides in central areas.

20 Sep 2020 12:36pm GMT

19 Sep 2020

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Janusz Walus: Why far-right Polish football fans idolise a murderer in South Africa

Janusz Walus killed anti-apartheid leader Chris Hani in 1993, sparking fears of a racial civil war.

19 Sep 2020 11:36pm GMT

Cyclone Ianos: Drone shows 'medicane' damage in Greece

The hurricane-like storm swept across Greece trapping hundreds of people.

19 Sep 2020 6:26pm GMT

Tour de France: Tadej Pogacar poised to win after stunning time-trial ride

Tadej Pogacar is poised to win the Tour de France ahead of strong favourite Primoz Roglic in one of the most dramatic turnarounds in the race's history.

19 Sep 2020 5:57pm GMT

Belarus protests: Opposition icon, 73, among hundreds detained in Minsk

Nina Bahinskaya had joined a women's march in Minsk as protests against the president continue.

19 Sep 2020 5:16pm GMT

17 Sep 2020

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Belarus protests: Women try to unmask those detaining protesters

Women want to hold to account the masked people picking protesters off the street in Belarus.

17 Sep 2020 11:30pm GMT

Breaking down the Brexit border problem

BBC's Ros Atkins explains the latest Brexit row and the thorny issue of customs checks and Northern Ireland.

17 Sep 2020 11:21pm GMT

Siberia landscape scarred by climate change

Scientists are warning about the consequences of vast swathes of ground thawing in Siberia.

17 Sep 2020 11:14pm GMT

How have Covid rules changed in Europe?

What are European countries doing to control new coronavirus outbreaks?

17 Sep 2020 8:02am GMT

16 Sep 2020

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'For me whale meat is my childhood, my memories'

Sales of whale meat rise in Norway, helped by more Norwegians going on staycations.

16 Sep 2020 11:22pm GMT

A cold, flu or coronavirus - which one do I have?

A blocked or runny nose, a sore throat and a cough are common, especially in the winter. But how do you know if you have coronavirus?

16 Sep 2020 11:04pm GMT

Coronavirus symptoms: What are they and how do I protect myself?

A new continuous cough and fever are also symptoms but how do you know what to look for?

16 Sep 2020 7:49am GMT

09 Nov 2011


Greece still waits for new PM as Papandreou says goodbye

After his meeting with the president, Greek prime minister George Papandreou made a passionate speech about the need for a national unity government…

09 Nov 2011 5:13pm GMT

Papandreou gives parting speech, but still no new PM

After his meeting with the president, Greek prime minister George Papandreou made a passionate speech about the need for a national unity government…

09 Nov 2011 4:33pm GMT

Russia opposes new sanctions on Iran

Iran has dismissed a new report by the UN's atomic watchdog which claims its developing nuclear weapons. The International Atomic Energy Agency…

09 Nov 2011 3:33pm GMT

Student march in London to decry cuts and fee-hikes

An estimated 10,000 people have marched through London in a protest over tuition fees. In addition to fees being tripled at some universities, a…

09 Nov 2011 3:04pm GMT

Greece continues to wait for new government and PM

As the political wrangling to form a coalition government and choose a prime minister continues in Greece, the days of indecision have divided the…

09 Nov 2011 1:33pm GMT

Last rites read for Berlusconi

Scandals, accusations of incompetence or corruption, public gaffes and private sex parties could not do for Silvio Berlusconi. In the end the…

09 Nov 2011 1:03pm GMT

May under fire over UK border controls

Britain's Home Secretary, Theresa May, is facing fresh calls to resign over fears that national security may have been compromised by her decision to…

09 Nov 2011 12:03pm GMT

Italians ponder life after Berlusconi

Many Italians are today wondering whether Sillvio Berlusconi's resignation is really a resignation at all. The prime minister's giving himself…

09 Nov 2011 11:03am GMT

Protest erupt over Ortega victory in Nicaragua

Violence has broken out in Nicaragua in protest over disputed presidential election results. Hundreds of people took the streets of the capital…

09 Nov 2011 9:33am GMT

Cain rejects fresh sexual harrasment claims

The US Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain, has strongly denied fresh sexual harassment allegations against him and vowed to stay in the…

09 Nov 2011 7:43am GMT

Back in the Day: the wind of change blows down the Berlin Wall

*November 9, 1989.* Berliners begin to cross the Berlin Wall freely, 28 days, two months and 28 days after construction began and passage from East…

09 Nov 2011 6:18am GMT

Asteroid pays flyby visit to Earth

Planet Earth has had a close encounter with a passing asteroid. The rock like object, the size of an aircraft carrier zoomed passed between earth and…

09 Nov 2011 6:11am GMT