02 Feb 2023

feedBBC News - Europe

Jean-Pierre Jabouille: First Renault driver to win a Formula 1 grand prix dies, aged 80

Frenchman Jean-Pierre Jabouille, who was a key figure in Renault's entry into Formula 1 and claimed their maiden victory, dies aged 80.

02 Feb 2023 8:32pm GMT

Italian fugitive Edgardo Greco tracked down as pizza maker after 16 years

Edgardo Greco was wanted for the grisly murder of two brothers in Italy in 1991.

02 Feb 2023 6:20pm GMT

Qatargate: Two MEPs lose immunity in corruption case

Marc Tarabella and Andrea Cozzolino deny wrongdoing as a scandal rocks Brussels.

02 Feb 2023 2:48pm GMT

Bringing music to the masses... on a tram

Two French musicians brought a piano to entertain travellers in Nantes, France.

02 Feb 2023 1:53pm GMT

Mikheil Saakashvili: The former Georgian president's condition has sparked concern

Mikheil Saakashvili appeared in court via video link where world leaders were shocked by his appearance.

02 Feb 2023 1:15pm GMT

'I apologise to the whole Ukrainian nation' - former Russian army officer

A former Russian military officer speaks to the BBC about abuses he says he witnessed in Ukraine.

02 Feb 2023 7:50am GMT

Ukraine EU membership: No short cuts on joining, officials warn ahead of summit

Top EU officials are heading to the Ukrainian capital as Kyiv aims to join the union in two years.

02 Feb 2023 7:44am GMT

Ukraine war: Russia planning 24 February offensive, Ukrainian defence minister says

Kyiv says Russia has amassed 500,000 men for an attack in the coming weeks.

02 Feb 2023 7:42am GMT

Brexit: EU funding loss risks Welsh university jobs

Universities Wales calls for UK government action as 1,000 redundancies loom in the research sector.

02 Feb 2023 6:17am GMT

Russian army officer admits: 'Our troops tortured Ukrainians'

The former senior lieutenant tells the BBC he witnessed the mistreatment of prisoners.

02 Feb 2023 6:00am GMT

Vienna murders: Four guilty of helping jihadist in terror attack

The men are convicted of helping the killer who went on the rampage in November 2020.

02 Feb 2023 5:55am GMT

01 Feb 2023

feedBBC News - Europe

Ukraine billionaire Ihor Kolomoisky targeted in new anti-corruption swoop

Authorities launch a fresh wave of raids, including on leading tycoon Ihor Kolomoisky.

01 Feb 2023 9:36pm GMT

Andrew Tate: Influencer's appeal against detention rejected by Romanian judges

The controversial influencer has been held by authorities alongside his brother since December.

01 Feb 2023 6:28pm GMT

Russia in Africa: How disinformation operations target the continent

The man behind a new pro-Kremlin social media network tells the BBC he wants Africa to embrace Russia.

01 Feb 2023 11:46am GMT

Andrew Tate: 'You know I'm innocent' - influencer yells to reporters

The influencer and his brother Tristan arrive at court to appeal against the decision to keep them detained.

01 Feb 2023 10:32am GMT

Petr Pavel: Ukraine deserves to join Nato, says new Czech leader

Petr Pavel tells the BBC Ukraine is morally and practically ready to join Nato after the war is over.

01 Feb 2023 6:00am GMT