30 Nov 2023

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Israel recalls ambassador in war spat with Spain PM Pedro Sánchez

Pedro Sánchez deepens a row, saying he has "serious doubts" Israel is complying with humanitarian law.

30 Nov 2023 8:21pm GMT

Ukraine: Russian general 'blown up on mine'

Several pro-Kremlin sources reported Maj-Gen Vladimir Zavadsky's death, but his location is unclear.

30 Nov 2023 7:33pm GMT

Passengers stuck on Eurostar with no electricity

Eurostar posted on X that a train was "being detached from the overhead power lines".

30 Nov 2023 4:06pm GMT

Swedish murder: Five teenagers found guilty over taxi driver's killing

The victim was lured to a nature reserve after one of the teenagers reported him for rape.

30 Nov 2023 1:49pm GMT

Deyda Hydara murder: Gambian sentenced in Germany for crimes against humanity

Bai Lowe drove for a unit that killed opponents of the ex-regime, including journalist Deyda Hydara.

30 Nov 2023 1:42pm GMT

Kayaker's 20m drop down ice waterfall in Svalbard, Norway

Aniol Serrasolses' descent down a glacial waterfall in Svalbard is the biggest ever recorded.

30 Nov 2023 1:15pm GMT

Russian court bans 'LGBT movement'

Russia's Supreme Court declares the "international LGBT public movement" an extremist organisation.

30 Nov 2023 12:56pm GMT

Omid Scobie book: How could the royal naming mistake happen?

How did a Dutch translation appear to identify a member of the Royal Family in a race row?

30 Nov 2023 12:17pm GMT

Key Dutch party sees 'no basis' for talks with Wilders

Anti-Islam populist leader Geert Wilders needs the backing of other parties to become prime minister.

30 Nov 2023 12:49am GMT

29 Nov 2023

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Real Madrid 4-2 Napoli: Jude Bellingham scores in Champions League win

Jude Bellingham becomes the first player to score in each of his first four Champions League appearances for Real Madrid as they beat Napoli.

29 Nov 2023 10:29pm GMT

Germany teens held for alleged Christmas market attack plot

Police are said to have intervened to be on the safe side, after a specific target was identified.

29 Nov 2023 8:06pm GMT

Sticky Vicky: Legendary Benidorm dancer dies aged 80

The X-rated performer had a legendary status among Brits travelling to the Spanish resort on holiday.

29 Nov 2023 6:26pm GMT

Climate summit in an oil state: can COP28 change anything?

The big issues facing global leaders gathering for the world's most important climate summit.

29 Nov 2023 5:32pm GMT

Joanna Parrish 'fought back' serial killer before murder

Details of a retracted confession from the ex-wife of serial killer Michel Fourniret are given in court.

29 Nov 2023 5:28pm GMT

Russia warns of tension as Finland shuts last border crossing

Finland closes the eighth crossing on its long Russian border, prompting Kremlin condemnation.

29 Nov 2023 4:25pm GMT

How the Elgin Marbles scream injustice for most Greeks

After talks between UK and Greek leaders are cancelled, our Europe correspondent gauges the response in Athens.

29 Nov 2023 8:13am GMT