01 Feb 2023


Enable No-Code Kubernetes with the harpoon Docker Extension

Find out how to use the harpoon Docker Extension to deploy Kubernetes without any code right from Docker Desktop.

01 Feb 2023 3:00pm GMT

31 Jan 2023


Docker Compose: What’s New, What’s Changing, What’s Next

Docker Compose V1 will be deprecated after June, 2023. Here's what you need to know to transition to Compose V2!

31 Jan 2023 3:00pm GMT

25 Jan 2023


January Extensions: Deploy Kubernetes and Develop Cloud Apps Locally

Find out what's new this month in the Docker Extension Marketplace, including no-code kubernetes deployment and local cloud app development.

25 Jan 2023 3:00pm GMT

24 Jan 2023


Generating SBOMs for Your Image with BuildKit

Learn how to use BuildKit v0.11 to generate SBOMs so you (and your users) can quickly answer questions about your images and packages.

24 Jan 2023 3:00pm GMT

19 Jan 2023


Highlights from the BuildKit v0.11 Release

Docker BuildKit v0.11 is now available with new features, bug fixes, performance improvements, and more!

19 Jan 2023 3:00pm GMT

13 Jan 2023


Develop Your Cloud App Locally with the LocalStack Extension

Learn how to use the LocalStack Docker Extension to emulate a cloud service locally with Docker Desktop.

13 Jan 2023 3:00pm GMT

12 Jan 2023


Docker Desktop 4.16: Better Performance and Docker Extensions GA

We're kicking off the new year with exciting Docker Extensions news and improved performance in Docker Desktop 4.16.

12 Jan 2023 5:00pm GMT

28 Dec 2022


December 2022 Newsletter

Docker December Newsletter
Docker Desktop 4-15

New in Docker Desktop 4.15: Improving Usability and Performance for Easier Builds

Docker Desktop 4.15 is here! And it's packed with usability upgrades to help you find the images you want, manage your containers, discover vulnerabilities, and more.

News you can use and monthly highlights:

Docker Tools Tips

Container Tools, Tips, and Tricks - Issue #2

Debugging is a fact of developer life, and Ivan Velichko is here to help make it go a little smoother. Check out his advice for debugging containers faster.

The latest tips and tricks from the community:

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28 Dec 2022 4:59pm GMT

22 Dec 2022


December Extensions Roundup: Improving Visibility for Your APIs and Images

Check out the new Akita and Dive-In Docker Extensions released in December.

22 Dec 2022 3:00pm GMT

20 Dec 2022


Reduce Your Image Size with the Dive-In Docker Extension

Use the Dive-In Docker Extension to see how to reduce image size in an easy-to-use UI.

20 Dec 2022 3:00pm GMT