23 Feb 2024

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'You're physically dying': 22-year-old spends 62% of her budget on vaping addiction and has thousands in medical and student debt. Caleb Hammer attempts a rescue

23 Feb 2024 1:10pm GMT

'Every single restaurant will close overnight': Celebrity chef blasts California politician's $50 minimum wage proposal, calls state 'the worst run' in the country. Do you agree?

23 Feb 2024 12:33pm GMT

A magician says a Democratic operative paid him to make the fake Biden New Hampshire robocall that is under investigation

23 Feb 2024 12:00pm GMT

Woman who joined ISIS as a teen loses challenge against the removal of her UK citizenship

23 Feb 2024 11:55am GMT

While eyes are on Trump, Supreme Court conservatives prepare to rewrite the rulebook

23 Feb 2024 10:00am GMT

Tropical resorts popular with Americans no longer 'off limits' for cartel killers: 'The rules have changed'

23 Feb 2024 9:00am GMT

Trump pledges to defend Christianity against the left, which he says wants 'to tear down crosses'

23 Feb 2024 4:50am GMT

Violent assault in West Hollywood captured on surveillance cameras

23 Feb 2024 4:34am GMT

Trump moves to dismiss charges accusing him of mishandling classified documents

23 Feb 2024 2:53am GMT

Fact Check: Marjorie Taylor Greene Reportedly Posted That NY Judge Arthur Engoron 'Should Be Disrobed.' We've Got the Tweet

23 Feb 2024 12:57am GMT

Akron man wins $1 million in Ohio Lottery, walks away with $360,000

23 Feb 2024 12:24am GMT

22 Feb 2024

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Fact Check: It's Claimed that 7.2M Migrants Have Illegally Crossed the US Border Under Biden, Exceeding the Populations of 36 States. Here Are the Facts

22 Feb 2024 11:47pm GMT

Denver police seek help finding a former funeral home owner after body kept in hearse for 2 years

22 Feb 2024 10:27pm GMT

Everything you need to know about the massive AT&T outage

22 Feb 2024 8:39pm GMT

Sergeant Slams Chief on Hood of Car During Investigation

22 Feb 2024 7:06pm GMT

$10K Invested in Nvidia 10 Years Ago Would Have Made You This Eye-Popping Amount of Money

22 Feb 2024 6:32pm GMT